How Physical Therapy Helpful In Heart Disease?

Physical therapy and mild exercises are helpful in the growth and development of children born with congenital heart disease.

It is extremely important not to initiate exercise therapies in these children without seeking the guidance from registered physical therapists who work in coordination with the pediatric cardiologist to deliver best exercise regimens in order to optimize health without overloading the heart. You can also get best physical treatment for heart problems via

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Generally, children and adults can perform static exercises moderate light intensity without complications; however, health care providers greatly restrict heavy lifting in pediatric age children and even in adults born with heart defects.

Physical therapist and pediatric cardiologist must assess every child individually and advice customized exercises and treatments according to the severity of illness and overall physical health.

Exercise or physical activities are needed in order to build stamina and maintain exercise endurance especially in school going children who engage in physical activities with peers.

Physical therapy improves the pace of mental and physical development that allows children to develop healthy social relationships with peers, muscle and motor coordination and mental concordance.

Physical therapy and periodic assessments are also needed in order to know the physical capacity of child and to track worsening of cardiac defect with age by restricting excessive physical activity.

Without any physical therapy, the progression into the severe disability is fairly high. It is the duty of parents to promote healthy physical activity but make sure to prevent contact sports or vigorous activities that may affect cardiac functioning.