Univerisy Of Makeup Review

I finally went through the content of all 3 makeup courses from the University of Makeup. Now I’m able to write a proper review of this online training course. So those of you who are still deciding if you should join will benefit from this review I’m sure.

A friend of mine who is also in the airbrush makeup beauty industry asked me to have a look at the makeup courses from the University of Makeup. She was interested as it is the first proper makeup course which are available online and now also on DVD. There has been a lot of talk whether their courses would live up to its promises and basically teach women and even men the art of professional makeup. I therefore decided to give it a go and so I joined the Full Makeup Course. The full course consists of all the training material that you will get in the My Makeup Course and Bridal Course. The only difference is that is has a few more tutorials which is more based on corrective makeup, photo shoot and fantasy makeup.

You get a manual or handbook with each course. You also have access to bonus beauty ebooks. The full course also comes with a few extra template documents. These templates you can use when setting up your makeup business. The first template is a makeup questionnaire form which you will give to your potential clients. You then work out a quote for your clients based on the details they’ve provided.

The second form is a makeup artist price list template. When starting your business, it’s always difficult to know what kind of prices to ask for your service. This template gives you an indication with which you can feel comfortable with. The third document is a quote template. It is a professional looking quote which you can give to your clients.

It’s best to start from the first video tutorial as it is in the handbook. Have your makeup and mirror with you and do everything on yourself or a friend as Anneke shows it the video. Remember that this is a training course and that you have to put in the time to become really good. When Anneke applies the makeup it looks very easy. It took me a while to get used to the brushes and apply makeup on someone else.

What I like about the videos is that the course starts out where Anneke applies the makeup on herself first. It makes no sense to be a makeup artist and not be able to do your own makeup professionally. As you move on with the training you start to learn how to apply makeup on others as well. It was nice for me to see where her hands are positioned when applying makeup on someone else especially when applying eye shadow and mascara.

The quality of the videos is very professional. There were a few sound issues in 2 or 3 of them but nothing too serious. The intro song gets a bit irritating but after 50+ videos it’s understandable. It will also be nice to have the handbook in other languages as well. Currently it’s only available in English. You have to use Google Translate to translate everything in your local language.

They’ve certainly put a lot of effort in this course. You do get a lot of other benefits as well such as store discount, lifelong access to new training videos, lifelong support, bonus ebook, etc. I also think that the course does not cover too much or too little. After you’ve gone through all the training content you really get a feeling of satisfaction and that you’ve learned a lot. They even teach you how to setup a successful airbrush pinterest account like https://www.pinterest.com/sprayingtoolsforyou/.

The only issue for some I might think is the price. The My Makeup and Bridal Makeup Course cost $149 and the Full Makeup Course costs $249. But recently they’ve added a payment plan so you can pay it over 3 months. To be honest I don’t think it costs that much. If you want to learn the same stuff from some other school you would pay 10 or 20 times that amount. I think online training is the way to go.

I would recommend that University of Makeup. Doesn’t matter which course you take. I think you will enjoy anyone of them. It obviously depends on what you want to do and what your budget is. My overall rating is 4 out of 5.