All About Ultrasound Pictures

Your unique relationship with your son or daughter begins before they are born. During pregnancy, your precious baby begins to develop facial features and other identifying features that will define him throughout his childhood. 

3D ultrasound photos or ultrasound videos can help you capture memories of your pregnancy before the baby was born and your chances of disappearing forever. You can also check for the best HD ultrasound through the web.

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About ultrasound

Ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to create an image of your unborn baby. Sound waves bounce off your baby and are captured on film.

Medical ultrasound versus ultrasound of a monument

You may have a medical ultrasound at some point during your pregnancy. However, this medical ultrasound is for diagnostic purposes only, and the ultrasound technician does not attempt to photograph your baby's face or take pictures from any other desired position.

In addition, we create 3D images and 4D videos of your baby instead of the blurry two-dimensional photos provided by medical sonographers.

Make a promise

For the best shots, schedule an appointment between 26 and 33 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby's facial and body features will develop enough to show theirs. If you have twins, schedule an appointment between the 23rd and 27th weeks. Call today as meeting times fill up fast.