Wrongful Death Attorney For The Victim and Family

A wrongful death lawyer is a legal practitioner who represents a deceased person and family in a situation where death is a result of the actions of others.

Under general law, no person killed due to the actions of another person – called a tort – or his relatives cannot bring a lawsuit to recover the damage caused by death.

Ironically, because the only thing that can be done is to injure someone or their property, it is actually more economical if someone dies than is injured. Hiring a professional wrongful death attorney in San Diego is your first step to getting appropriate legal assistance for your family.

That was the Fatal Accident Act of 1846, known as the Lord Campbell Act, which allowed relatives of those killed as a result of someone else's fault, to defend legal action.

This concept spread from England to the US where changes to the law in state law allowed the claim to be filed both on behalf of the deceased person and beneficiaries of his land.

Each country has its own legal requirements regarding the cause of this action that must be met by a wrongful death lawyer in order to successfully prosecute the claim. In addition, this is the only type of claim where a company can be found civilly responsible for damage caused by death.

Tasks can be defined as the obligation to act with care to keep others safe from harm in these situations. In order for the claim to be successful, the task to be paid must be determined.