Types Of Automated Systems To Help Control The Environment In The Greenhouse

Due to the limitations of having to manually control all the variables that can affect your crop therefore we suggest that the automated systems are good for your greenhouse. This will take the guesswork out of the job.

A large greenhouse automation systems will also manage your root zone, your climate, send notifications when there is a problem and allows you to manage everything with remote access on any device.

Depending on the size, type and structure of your greenhouse; a good system will manage factors like:

Irrigation – 

Water can at regular intervals or when the ground falls below the predefined level of moisture.

Ventilation –

Thermostat automatically the fans on and off or vents open or close.

Shading – 

Canvas shading control thermostat automatically plants shades.

Cooling – 

Thermostatically controlled air conditioning system.

Heating – 

Heating system controlled by a thermostat – usually propane or natural gas.

Fogging – 

Automatic misting moisture stimulus, or in conjunction with fans to facilitate evaporative cooling

Determination of nutrients – 

Nutrients can be automatically distributed with the irrigation system – complex systems include analysis of soil data

Auto Pest Control – 

Programmable automatic spray systems works much like air fresheners in public restrooms

How many and what types of automated technology, we integrate in the greenhouse will be largely based on cost. Low technology or not (zero) is the least expensive technology, but it also means that you have to do all the work. If it's too hot, you have to go open or close the greenhouse, and you also have to remember to close back up the evening before heat is lost. If you do not, your plants will suffer.