Slab Leak Detection Tips

Any plumber will tell you that when it comes to slab leak problems, the first step is finding the source.

This service is called slab leak detection, and should only be carried out by a licensed professional that retains the proper tools, training, and equipment. You can get the services of slab leak repair via

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You don't want an unqualified technician ripping up your floors before accurately identifying a leak in the foundation. This is just one example of why slab leak work should be left in the hands of a trained contractor or plumber.

Be sure the company you hire is well-qualified and experienced in slab leak diagnosis and repair. Continue reading for more important information and tips about slab leak detection.

Slab leaks most often come from two sources, sewer lines, and water lines. It is easier to identify a leak in water lines since, most often, the evidence is found on the next month's water bill.

One needle hole in a water line can waste thousands of gallons of water in just one month. So it is important to catch water line leaks as soon as possible before they can turn into an expensive and time-consuming nightmare.

A trained master plumber can create accurate contour diagrams to identify slab distortions that are a common sign of plumbing leaks. They can use these diagrams to compare and connect foundation damages with slab deformations.

From there, master plumbers develop efficient and effective solutions for slab leaks and plumbing damages. Be sure you hire a state-licensed master plumber for slab leak plumbing services you can trust.