Why Homeowners Choose Swimming Pool Covers

After installing a pool cover, many homeowners find their swimming experience much more enjoyable and would definitely recommend a cover to others. Here are some of the advantages of installing a swimming pool cover.

Cover the pool to save cleaning time
The closure covers the entire length and width of your pool, usually with overlaps on all sides. They are very effective at keeping leaves and other debris out of the water. You can make a comparison and check the average pool enclosure cost using the internet.

Even in windy weather, most of the flying debris doesn’t land in your pool. A pool cover can also help extend the life of your filter as it doesn’t have to work as hard to remove large debris.

Pool covers extend the swimming season
Since the lids are usually made of clear or colored plastic, they can help heat to penetrate into your pool, and even act as a kind of solar water heater. So even if it’s a little cold, pool covers make swimming comfortable.

Pool blankets are good for the environment
Filling your pool is one of the biggest water uses in the country. However, the lid allows you to prevent up to 97% of evaporation from this pool that normally occurs.

This will reduce the need to increase the water level of your tanks over time. The covers also prevent the evaporation of the chlorine you add to the water, which reduces the number of toxic chemicals released into the environment.