A Summary Of The Perks Of Installing Tempered Glass Railings

If you have kids and pets in your family, the chances are that you take matters regarding the safety features of your home more seriously than the regular homeowner. Installing tempered glass rails to your stairways is a superb way of adding function, safety and aesthetics to your interiors. Such rails are virtually invisible, though they are also sturdy and shatterproof. If you want to install modern stair railing in San Diego, there are good reasons to consider using tempered glass.

First, the material requires low maintenance. You can forget the hassles of painting and staining your rails periodically because glass is naturally aesthetically appealing. You simply need to clean it with water and soap, using a soft material such as a sponge. In this case, elaborate maintenance responsibilities are not necessary.

Kids and pets are wonderful, although it is typical of them to create messes. Glass rails are an excellent option for the modern home because cleaning messes is less strenuous. The material is easy to clean, and this is generally the only maintenance that is needed.

Installing tempered glass will lower the risk of your kids getting into accidents. Children are curious and they are more likely to get injured if you have the usual wooden rails. They could try sliding a leg between the spaces and possibly get cut or even fall if the gaps between the stairs and handrails are big.

Traditional rails are unfortunately also not ideal for pets. Both dogs and cats are vulnerable to injury if they fall from higher grounds. Because glass is installed flawlessly to eliminate spaces and gaps, you do not have to worry about your furry friends and perhaps lock them away in a room to protect them from getting injured.

The durability of glass is unmatched. This is perhaps the reason why this material is often used to create security fences around pools and is also a common feature within busy commercial settings. Tempered glass is corrosion-resistant, shatterproof, and it also does not crack easily. You can even install it around your balconies and decks without worrying about it getting damaged by elements.

Customizing glass is easy. An experienced contractor will have the skills to create a design that matches the feel and appearance of your home. Apart from the clear glass option, you also have the frosted glass alternative, which is ideal for the outdoors because it enhances privacy.

If glass rails are still not your top choice, there are other equally good material options you could consider. They include composite, aluminum, wrought iron and wood. A skilled contractor can take you through the choices you have and help you find a railing material that perfectly suits your needs, objectives and financial plan.

The hunt for a dependable contractor can be challenging. Because it is not every day that you install stair rails, it is best to find a professional who can provide an excellent service, the first time. Consider the projects prospective experts have completed in the past and check out their galleries. It also pays to demand at least three verifiable references.