Why Do New Home Builders Prefer Building Steel Frame Homes in Wisconsin?

For decades people have been building their homes with wood. In the past, the old trees made a good building material that can be used in residential and commercial properties. Today with growing environmental concerns the price of wood keeps increasing and at the same time quality of wood as a building material is deteriorating.

On the contrary, there are many homeowners who are considering Steel Frame Homes as one of the most viable building materials from a strength, durability, and green solution perspective.

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Home and office builders use Red Iron, which adds strength to the structures and Light Gauge Steel is used in making non-structural frames. Steel is already been used as a building material in commercial buildings, schools, and hospitals for a while now. Now even Home Owners who are building their new houses or remodeling their current houses are opting for using steel-framed homes.

Below are some of the benefits of using steel as a building material:

1. Steel structures and frames are far stronger than wooden structures and frames.

2. Homeowners can stay free from the worry of termites.

3. Wood works as fuel in case your house catches fire, whereas steel decreases the chances of fire getting spread.

4. Insurance cost is low if your house is built with steel.

5. Steel is also considered to be a tough building material during times of natural calamities such as earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms, and flood-like situations.

Apart from the above-mentioned facts Steel can be reused in case the owner wishes to bring down the house which makes steel a green material. Whereas if a wooden house is brought down most often wood used in the building is trashed. Further, trees are directly linked to the Eco-system so cutting down the trees is not encouraged. On the contrary, steel does not affect the Eco-system in anyways.