Commercial Refrigeration for Supermarkets

Grocery shops depend a lot on cold storage, especially for frozen foods, meat, chilled foods, ice cream, and beverages. It is essential that these stores obtain the right types of commercial refrigeration for different food products.

Here are the different types of commercial refrigeration suggested for grocery stores.

Cooler: A drinks cooler is a refrigerator that keeps juices and sodas cool and ready to drink. A supermarket would need it, depending on the size of the establishment. A large unit such as the 943L drink cooler – 2 doors would be ideal.

Cool room: Cool room is a freezer that is best for any of your event like birthday, wedding, etc. You can buy a custom cool room for any of your food business. It is high quality and durable cold storage. If you want to buy a cool room for your food business, then you can visit

Ice cream freezer: Ice cream shops usually have stocks of ice cream lollipops. These must be refrigerated and kept frozen all the time.

Island freezer:  This freezer is ideal for a variety of frozen foods. Make sure you keep the different types of frozen foods in separate freezers. For example, use a freezer for chicken and another for frozen vegetables.