Primary Care Physicians as well as Pay-for-Performance Programs

If your healthcare seems scattered and incoordinate, Here are some common steps to help you improve your health care and help protect your health.

Partner with a Primary Care Physician to get better Care

Although shortly normally, patients receive intermittent medical care from a multitude of specialists, this approach is known to lower the quality of your treatment. A study published in the Medical reported that patients who were linked to a particular primary health care provider had a higher likelihood of receiving medical care that was by the medical guidelines than patients who were merely connected to a specific practice.

If you're looking to purchase health insurance coverage, make sure your physician is part of the network. Don't trust the medical clinic where your medical care is dependent on multiple doctors who coordinate your care. Get direct access to your doctor and inquire about medical treatment guidelines for your particular condition.

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Utilize Performance Incentives to Enhance Your Healthcare

Another study compared patient care from physicians who participated in a "pay-for-performance" incentive program to patient care from non-participating physicians. In the "pay-for-performance" programs, doctors were reimbursed based on the quality of care they provided.

Incentivizing doctors to pay for the high quality of the care they provide may seem like common sense but it's an innovative approach across the U.S. Fortunately, it is growing in popularity in the healthcare industry.