How to Select an LED Flashlight

There are many LED flashlights in the market. Many companies have joined in a tight competition. Most of them are pretty good but they are usually quite expensive. If you have a need for a light source that is free at home, consider making your own. You can purchase the best-led ring light kit via

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The cost of making your own LED flashlight should not take much. It is much cheaper than buying from the store. Plus, you can get some clues about the circuit and store knowledge for future use. If you have an old flashlight in your home and you want to convert to LED lighting that is more powerful, you can try the following steps:

Prepare materials you will need as you are an old flashlight, LED lights, ceramic capacitors, per board, battery holder, and so on.

Get per board and cut it into two equal parts. Cut the first one being a circle-measurement must fit a flashlight reflector. The other is to keep intact the pump materials.

Get the soldering iron and LED. For more powerful lighting, you can use white LEDs 8-10 and collect them in the board. Google the right of assembly charge pump control circuit and follow it closely. You can find charts online for easier reference.