Simple Email Management in Microsoft Outlook

If your email is similar to mine, I understand your reluctance to open Microsoft Outlook in the morning. We do not consider email administration an important part of our management duties. 

However, the less time we spend in front of the computer doing simple things like opening email after email from God knows where, the better. You can also get more information about mail management online via

An email has now become the norm in our business culture, but it's also a huge nuisance that wastes precious time if we don't tame the email tiger. Here are some simple email management tips.

Most companies use Microsoft Outlook, but there are many similar systems. One of the most popular in Mozilla Thunderbird. I'm a big fan of Thunderbird because it's easy to use and similar to Outlook. 

Step 1.

I want to keep Outlook in the default calendar view. I do this so I can see what my day brings and not be constantly distracted by new emails popping up throughout the day. I also disabled email notifications.

Step 2.

Schedule certain hours of the day to check email. Constantly checking your email costs your business valuable time and money. Research shows that checking your email four times a day is the most effective.

Step 3.

Always try to empty my inbox. To do this, you ONLY need to process each message ONCE. Read the email, decide whether to send or delete it, and whether to reply. No matter how good your trash filter is, some will always happen and you can usually figure it out in order.