How To Detect And Prevent Bed Bugs?

As with any pests, preventive measures are the best defense forwarding of an infestation. But despite our best efforts, accidents can happen and no practice is 100% effective. The risk of bed bugs in apartments is often a concern for residents and there is always a need to remove bed bugs using different pest control methods.

Canine (K9) Inspection

If you suspect a sophisticated bug activity, contact a pest control company that deals with detection service dogs. The team consists of a well-trained dog and a handler. They will inspect the property with the dogs as its sense of smell to detect bugs is remarkable. You can also hop over to to hire pest control services that involve canines for bed bug removal.

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Adhesive products

This is a useful tool for both monitoring and removing the small number of pests. If you suspect a problem, buy adhesive insect traps and place it in an area of concern, check back after 24 hours.

Insecticide Spray

For the occasional bug or minimal exertion is confirmed, insecticides can be sprayed to kill the creatures and prevent infestation.

For your safety, use caution when buying insecticides and buy only those that comply with Canadian pesticide regulation.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent bugs from entering your home or office space, but you can surely find a variety of pest elimination services available when the situation arises.