Earthmoving Equipment Used by Contractors


Ever wondered what is the earthmoving equipment used by contractors? This equipment is huge and expensive, but they get the job done. It is always better to have equipment rather than excessive manpower. Here’s some information on the most common equipment used in earthmoving.

Excavator – The name of the machine is quite clear regarding what it does. An excavator is used for excavation jobs. It has dipper, bucket, and a rotating cab platform from where the operator controls the machine. It’s called a house. It moves on track and wheels allowing it to be used in rough terrain. The excavation is powered by hydraulics. An excavator is used mostly in large commercial construction sites, but not in residential sites. 

Skid-steer Loader – This machine is also commonly known as the Bobcat. Skid-steer Loader has a differential steering mechanism, meaning the left and the right side of the vehicle are separately powered and they use for changing directions. Skid-steer Loader runs on four wheels. It has two lift arms to side on which you can mount different types of attachments based on the task at hand. They are used for loading and unloading. 

Bulldozers – Now this an equipment you might know about. Bulldozers are one of the most commonly used equipment in earthmoving. They are quick, easy to use and get the work done quite quickly. They can excavate, load, unload, demolish and many other things that make it an excellent machine. 

You can get all these earthmoving equipment for hire in Brisbane from the best contractors if you have any major earthmoving jobs coming up. There are some professional companies in this region.