Difference Between A Feral And Stray Cat

Often I come across this question – what is the difference between wild/stray and feral cats. The answer is not as obvious as the question because most people see the two as the same and making out the difference between feral and stray is difficult.

It is important though to know the difference and what actions you should do if you have one of these cats roaming around your house.

Domestic stray cat – you can feed them out and they will soon roam and allow you to contact.

Domestic feral cat – it will be happy to eat your meal but do not ever let you get close so if you want to catch it, calling feral cat removal service would be the preferred method.

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Domestic cats live around nearby farms and villages that attract other small mammals and insects that they can hunt. This creates a relationship between cats and humans that remain to this day. A feral cat is a domestic cat socialized unfortunately abandoned or had "deviated" from its owner.

Feral cats by nature do not directly interact with humans but have learned to coexist. Wild cats get along with others and sometimes they would associate with the wild cats but not often. Like their ancestors, wild cats, they tend to remain with their own and reject outsiders.

They survive quite well without our help but can cause problems if your house in their area. The wild cat is likely to be hostile to you and your pet will cause problems with your own pet's behavior.