Risk Factors of Foot Bunions

The foot bunions are small, bony projections on the foot particularly at the joint by the base of your toes. This special condition occurs when the big toe brushes on the other toe and forces it to go in the opposite direction which turns from the normal position of the foot.

This abnormal position can enlarge the toe joint and crowding can cause pain and then a projection of the bone. There are many reasons why foot bunion develops. The most common reason for its existence is using footwear that is too tight.

It could also be due to structural defects in the legs which cause pressure on the toes. Arthritis is one condition that can increase the chances of foot bunion. You may get in touch with the foot care center like Grand Central Podiatry  that is bunions specialist in Midtown NYC  from where you can get the best services.

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The most common symptom of foot bunion is swelling and redness in the area of the toe joint. There is also the presence of a bulge along the outside of the toe. The skin on the finger area is also present in the big toe.

You also develop calluses and corn and this can happen when two fingers overlap each other. This condition also results in considerable pain and discomfort. Finally, the big toe becomes limited in movement. The pain caused by a bunion can be so severe that it is impossible to wear regular shoes and you should immediately sit down and just wait for the pain to subside.

If the pain persists and the shoes you wear are no longer right with you, it is necessary to talk to your doctor about foot bunion. Bunion on your feet is caused by a development of pressure that shifts the uneven load on your feet.