Marketing Automation Can Change the Way You Engage Your Customers

The greatest benefit of today's technology is how easy it makes tasks that were time-absorbing. Marketing automation enables business marketers to automate repetitious tasks with a software platform that supports their existing CRM (customer relationship management) system to streamline sales.

To first understand the benefits of marketing automation, let's look at the different categories. There are three main categories of marketing automation software. To know more about automation visit

In Marketing Automation, there are used the business to business sales cycles; marketing automation involves a focus on lead generation and nurturing, typically through the combination of email marketing and a sales process defined by a CRM program.

Marketing Intelligence is also called Marketing Automation 2.0, this technology allows organizations to use tracking codes in email, social media and websites to track the behavior of anyone who may be interested in their product or service.

By tracking user behavior, organizations can analyze buyer behavior and find out what products or services and what links generated interest. This allows for a better-targeted lead nurturing program.

Workflow Automation allows for the automation of internal marketing processes. These processes may include anything that supports the operations of the internal marketing department, such as digital asset creation, the marketing calendar, workflow and approvals, budgeting and planning.

The workflow automation system allows business marketers the ability to deliver highly targeted content such as follow-up letters or e-mail campaigns at the right times based on the organization's CRM system.