How to Create More Space in a Small Bedroom

Every room in your home could probably be altered to maximize the space inside of it, but in this post, we’re going to concentrate on the bedroom. Small bedrooms can be very frustrating, especially if you have lots of clothes, toiletries, and miscellaneous items in there. For some bedrooms you might just need to have a clear out, for others, it might be a little more complicated. If you’re sick of feeling squashed while you sleep, here’s how you can create more space in a small bedroom: You can check this site to get more information about it. 

Get a Smaller Bed

For some people, e.g married couples, getting a smaller bed won’t be an option. However, for others, a big bed isn’t actually needed and is only a hindrance if you already have a small room. Just consider how much more space it’ll give you and see if you’re willing to go smaller! Single beds will obviously give you the most room, but if you have a king-size bed you could always swap it for a small double and still enjoy more room.

Get Rid of Large Storage Furniture

Large storage furniture can take up a lot of floor space, but storage that you can easily roll away and hide under your bed will save lots of space. You’ll also have more natural light in your small room, making it appear even bigger!

Use Multifunctional Furniture

Furniture that can double up to be used for something else is a great space saver. For example, a futon is a bed and a sofa in one! You could even get a sofa bed to make a room double up as an office and bedroom in one.

Organize Your Wardrobes and Draws

Try to utilize all space in your wardrobes and draws. Anything you can possibly store in your wardrobe and drawers, DO; because then less bedroom space is taken up by messy items.

Make the Most of Storage on Walls

Open and closed shelving can eliminate the need for bookshelves and other storage units taking up floor space. Also, have wall mirrors instead of mirrors that stand on the floor.

Remove Entertainment Space

They say you shouldn’t have entertainment systems in bedrooms anyway, like TV’s, stereos, and gaming systems can all stimulate us and stop us from sleeping. Consider moving anything in your bedroom like this to other rooms, however; if you can’t live without your TV, mount it on the wall to save space!

Paint the Walls Pastel

Painting the walls in light, pastel colors will create a more spacious, airy feel (even if you aren’t really making more space by doing so). Dulux does a great range of pastel colors.

Fitted Wardrobes

Fitted wardrobes will save loads of floor space and make the look of your room flow much better. Better yet, choose a fitted wardrobe with mirrored doors to make it look as if you have a more spacious room!

With these tips, you’ll be able to turn a cramped bedroom into an airy, spacious, sleeping space!