Healthy Indian Food At Healthy Restaurants In Richardson TX

Indian food can be a healthy choice with a balanced diet of starch, dal (lentils), tons of veggies, saga, yogurt, etc. You will also find a lot of fat-laden Indian specialties at the restaurant. They are a great dish for a festive once in a while. However, for regular healthy eating, you can visit some Indian restaurants. Search on the internet like closest Indian restaurants near me or visit for more details.

Here are a few suggestions for a lighter alternative.

Healthy And Fresh Indian Starch

Ordering a curry or vegetable is healthier than deep-fried variety like Biryani or Pulao. Make sure that you do not come steamed rice with a generous portion of Ghee. 

Fresh And Healthy Indian Appetizers

Pakoras or Samosa are fried and tasty but full of starch, fat, and salt. Instead of these get a thin papadum or papad. Be sure to get the baked instead of fried papads. 

Main Dishes

Kari is a delicious way to eat healthy veggies- as long as it was not cooked in a cream sauce. Dal, a lentil soup/curry, can be eaten by itself or usually eaten with rice or bread. Avoid eating too much dal because like any soup it is high in sodium.

Healthy Indian Desserts

All Indian desserts come in relatively small portions. If in doubt, ask your server about the contents of the plate and decide for themselves instead of just asking for subjective judgments.

In the restaurant, the best way to maintain health is to share a plate of dessert. Usually two dishes enough for three people with a big appetite.