Experience Diving In Riviera Maya

Greatest cenotes to scuba dive in Riviera Maya. Every cenote has something special about it and they all are amazing, therefore it does not actually matter which dip sites you select, but here are a few of our favorites.  Many reputable companies, such as thecenoteguy, provide cenote diving trips.

Riviera maya cenote diving

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Dos Ojos: That is perhaps the most well-known cenote. It can be a little crowded, but it's a gorgeous area where you can do two dives in precisely the same site. Dos Ojos are well adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, and also an enjoyable section about the dive is you're able to surface to a bat cave and observe bats fly over you. This cenote is also perfect for snorkelers.

Temple of Doom / Calavera: Inside this cenote that the halocline can be observed quite clearly, it will not have a lot of rock formations, but at the entry region, you may see fantastic light effects in a mysterious green color.

Angelita: In 30m, a thick cloud is shaped where it is possible to watch as folks disappear inside (an illusion clearly – that they do not evaporate ). Beneath the cloud that the water is quite clear and filled with cryptic dead trees among the dark. The cloud is built up from hydrogen sulfide produced by bacteria breaking down the leaves and trees that are trapped between the new and the saltwater. Additionally, this is our favorite cenote to freedive in!

Taj maha: This is just another cenote in which the halocline is quite clear and sailors can have fun with the layers; excellent for photography as well as an intro into cavern diving.