Dog Grooming-What More Tips You Need To Know As A Dog Owner

The grooming of dogs goes beyond simply brushing and bathing. It also includes regular eye and ear examination, nail cutting as well as coat maintenance. 

For cutting the coat specifically for breeds with short hair, it is recommended to employ a clipper that snaps that attach to the attachments. You can also opt for the self-service dog wash stations via

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You should only cut off the top part of the coat and don't cut the undercoat, this will shield the dog's skin from heat and sun. Double coated dogs should also be sure to not cut beyond the undercoat since this could slow the growth of the coat in general. 

When choosing a clipper, it is recommended to choose ones that have the correct blades and snap-on attachments.

The hair on the ear, especially around the opening of the ear canal must be cut as it will collect moisture and other kinds of dust that can cause irritations and infections in the ear. 

The hair can also be plucked or pulled, but be careful and avoid harming your pet. Pick only just a few hairs from the dog to avoid injury and causing trauma. 

Apply a special powder to coat the hair in order to enable it to be more easily grasped by it. There's plenty of powder specifically designed for ear hair available in pet stores, however, it does not want to dump excessive amounts of powder into your dog's ears. When you clip hair, ensure that it is in the direction that it grows. Do not push or dig in the clippers, let it do the job.