Best Tattoo Removal Services In San Jose

Tattoo removal is a process done to remove an unwanted tattoo from the skin There are various techniques used for removing a tattoo.

Laser removal, surgery, dermabrasion, non-laser tattoo removal are some of the ways that are mostly used for removing an unwanted tattoo. Some procedures are very painful that you can not tolerate the pain. But Aileenn Beauty offers non-laser tattoo removal techniques that are painless and give noticeable results.


Phi-removal is the latest non-laser technique that is used to remove a tattoo and semi-permanent makeup from the body. The tattoo extraction formula starts working immediately. 

After the procedure, you will notice the scab with tattoo ink will be formed over the treated areas. Within a few days, the scab will start to peel off naturally. All you have to do is just keep your treated area dry for some days to achieve better results. 

Sometimes not all tattoo can completely be removed because it depends on the depth of skin and color of pigments. Some tattoos are designed in such a way that it takes more than 2 appointments to lighten and remove the pigment. 

Non- laser tattoo removal procedure usually takes 60 to 70 minutes. After the whole treatment, the treated part of your skin may become reddish and appear swollen to you that is normal to have after the removal process but will disappear slowly over time.