Why LED for Solar street lighting?

Lighting systems for street lamps that are solar powered are among the most efficient outdoor lighting technology in both the production and consumption aspects. Solar lighting system operates by generating electricity using the incident sun's rays and then storing it in batteries to power the lamp at night.

solar lighting system

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The question is: what is the most energy and also cost-efficient lighting technology to be adopted in the solar street lighting systems?

There are many types of lighting technology available on the market, including HPS, Incandescent, Metal Halide, and more. Today, the most efficient illumination technology used is LED.

Why is LED the best lighting technology solution that is available presently?

LED lighting can operate for some time of 50,000 to 100,000 hours as well as luminous efficiency between 130 and 170 lm/w. This is significantly superior to other conventional lighting techniques.

In addition, LED lighting comes with a 90-degree hue rendering index and a color temperature ranging between 3,200k-6,400k.

In addition, LED lighting is the most flexible light technology of all. It is a high-dimming control system that helps reduce energy consumption and is designed to be programmed and adjusted according to the requirements of the End-User.

Not to mention LED lighting can be activated or turned on instantly, while other lighting technology takes about 10 to 15 minutes to produce the light.