Why Go For Mortgage Advisors?

If you are looking at gaining mortgage advice your first port of call maybe your local bank, the majority of re-mortgage business is conducted by the large high street banks.

The banks offer convenience – they have a local branch network, you can make a free appointment to see a best mortgage consultant and they do not usually charge a ‘broker fee’.

Mortgage Broker - Overview, Duties, Advantages, and Disadvantages

Downside? The main issue with mortgage advice form your bank is limited advice in terms of the extent of the mortgages on the market they will recommend to you.

If you are looking for mortgage advice please consider using a local mortgage advisor – or to be more specific an ‘independent local mortgage advisor’

The benefit? If you use an independent advisor they will source from the whole of the market, in other words they will look at your circumstances by conducting a fact find and match what you need to one of the thousands of mortgages on the market.

Not match your needs to around ten mortgages which is arguably what the local banks will offer.