What To Look For In A Custom Pool Builder

Deciding to build a pool in your yard is a big project, and you will need to choose a qualified pool contractor for that if you want your project to be a success. Finding the right pool builder is a big task and it should not be taken lightly as the wrong decision can lead to costly repairs down the line. To avoid that from happening, here are what to look for in a custom pool builder in Fresno CA.

Verify credentials. Start choosing by checking their credentials. Ask about their details like their physical address and phone number. Find out how many years are they on the business, the number of pools they were able to install within the year, and whether they use subcontractors. If they do, know who will be handling the construction.

Verify the licensing and certifications of everyone that will be involved in the project. Make sure they have the proper licensing and their license are valid. Ask to see their certifications as well. As much as you can, visit their office, meet their employees, and tour around their showroom, if they have one.

Evaluate their customer satisfaction. The best way to know more about a certain company is by learning the personal experiences of their previous customers. Evaluate customer satisfaction through checking and requesting references. When you call the references they provided, ask a lot of questions like were they courteous and professional on site, was it done on the expected date, etc.

Be cautious if you will be given with old references as this could mean that they are cherry picking. Check out their Better Business Bureau rating. Know that it is normal to receive negative reviews, so your attention should be how does the company handle the complaints they are receiving.

Check affiliations. Associations usually provides a list of all their members that promotes professional development and adheres to their code of ethics. Know if the builder is affiliated to any associations. Most builders put the associations they are affiliated with in their website, so check it out there.

Trust in your gut feeling. First impressions might be important, but this can also be wrong, so do not jump into business a builder if you are only basing it on first impression. You need to visit their office before you make decisions. Watch out for warnings signs like unrealistic estimate and asking for payment upfront when interviewing the contractors.

Ask about their insurance. Get the number of their insurance company to confirm their insurance. How they react to this would speak volumes. Legitimate and professional builders will be happy to provide you with the name and the number of their insurance company. If you are suspicious of the information they provide you or they will make excuses why they cannot provide you with it, look for another.

Money matters. Before signing any contract, carefully read the documents first. Make sure that all the details for the work are included like the materials needed, the payment schedule, time line, and warranty. Never pay the full amount upfront and in cash. Pay half of the payment only and the rest should only be paid after the work is done and you are satisfied with the outcome.