What Is Wood Cladding?

In the building trade (and for your home) the term 'cladding' refers to applying one of many types of materials to the external walls of a house to increase protection from the elements. 

Cladding protects a home by reducing the infiltration of rain or the damage caused by frost. Apart from increasing the security of your home, it can also add a fashionable and contemporary touch to homes and industrial buildings. You can find the best cinder wood products in your area.

cinder wood products

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What types of cladding are there?

Popular options include walnuts and spruce, although larch and cedar would also be great choices because they are sometimes untreated. As wood can be trimmed and cut to any size, you can choose from several sizes to fit your home. 

Make sure you talk with professionals about the depth and dimensions of the most acceptable cladding for your property. As every tree is different, the wood cover can give a very unique way to look at your home. 

You can buy it for pre-treatment or to see the person you can treat yourself using wood stain to get the color and to satisfy your need. With a wood cover, it is necessary to be certain that the chopped ends of the wood are treated with preservatives that do not guarantee water and do not change the wood.

UPVC cladding

UPVC cladding is generally a less expensive alternative to wood, but it may look attractive. It is extremely simple to keep, so you won't need to be concerned about the maintenance of your cladding if it is set properly.