What Does A Public Adjuster Do?

When damage, like flooding or mold, is discovered in a home the homeowner should contact their insurance company to inform them of the claim. The insurance company will prepare a claim. An adjuster on behalf of the firm will visit the house to assess the damage and, if it is deemed essential, offer a settlement.

The company’s insurance adjuster will do all they can to try and pay the least amount possible to your claim while preserving the bottom line of the business.

If you’re the victim of a loss to your property You don’t want to work with an adjuster who is only employed by the insurance company. You require an adjuster that does business with you and you can look at https://www.allcityadjusting.com/public-adjuster/service-areas/chicago-public-adjuster for appointing a public adjuster in Chicago.

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As an insured, you need to be represented equally. Inviting a public adjuster early enough to deal with the situation will give an increased chance of getting a fair settlement of their loss.

Public adjusters work exclusively for the owner of the policy. Many homeowners use an adjuster who can document and expedite claims and also contact the insurer directly for the owner of the policy. 

With a public adjuster, the insured will typically receive a larger amount than they would have been awarded, allowing the faster and complete repair of the damages.

The services of public insurance adjusters are:

  • Evaluation of the existing Insurance policies to identify which claim coverage is available.
  • Conducting research and reporting on the total damage.
  • Calculating the value of losses covered by insurance.
  • The insurance firm negotiates settlements on behalf of the person who is insured.
  • Recommending improvements to the policy of the insured.

The process of reopening claims or negotiating damage is a possibility in the event that there are discrepancies after the claim has been resolved.