What Does a Concierge Doctor Do?

A concierge doctor is a primary care physician who offers their services in a much more personalized way than other doctors do because they charge a fee for this special VIP medical service. Some concierge physicians charge an annual upfront membership fee, while others have a monthly retainer fee.

Concierge doctors provide the same medical services as any primary care physician. They treat all types of health conditions and can provide and order laboratory testing and imaging services. To know more about medical concierge services you can visit https://cbyelitecare.com/concierge-medicine-miami-ft-lauderdale/.

All concierge doctors are fully licensed medical doctors. Their education isn’t different than any other physician. They complete medical school and go through internships and residencies as all other doctors are required to do.

One of the most significant benefits is much shorter wait times for an appointment to see the doctor. Plus, concierge medicine often includes direct portal and/or phone access to your physician, and you will probably frequently be able to receive your answers directly without even needing a visit.

Another benefit is that your fee includes a generous number of in-person visits.  So, you won’t have to pay for each visit to the office. The concierge physician has plenty of time to spend with you, evaluating your health concerns and answering questions. They can discuss your medical history and even that of your family. This type of appointment allows the concierge physician to detect health problems sooner.