Types Of Electrical Contractors

There are three main types of electricians. An electrician contractor is a company that hires electricians to assist with different construction projects. Electrician contractors can provide you with different types of electricians according to your work.

Inside Electrician: These electricians work within commercial buildings, office blocks, and homes. They are able to assist in the design and installation as well as with ongoing maintenance. To find 24-hour electrician services in Westlake you can visit https://www.amacelectrical.com.au/electrician-westlakes.


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Outside Electrical Contractors: Line contractors work outdoors with high voltages. Line contractors can also be employed by power stations to ensure that the connections between the source of electricity and homes and businesses work efficiently.

High-voltage transformers are installed, repaired, and replaced by linemen. When a lightning strike disrupts the power supply, an electric company sends a team of electricians outside.

Integrated Building Systems Contractor: These electricians are also known as voice/data/video contractors (VDV), and specialize in technology that makes homes and offices more functional.

IBS electricians work in and around houses and buildings, as well as install technical products such as wireless networks, fiber optic infrastructure, and backup power supplies.

Different types of work are done by each electrician. For different types of construction projects, all three types are needed.