These Tips Will Help to Keep your Hostel Dorm Clean


Right after you reach your destination, the first thing you do is head over to the hostel. However, as soon as you step inside your room, you find messy and dirty things lying inside the room and toilet often spoiling your mood. But as a traveler, it is your duty to ensure that you keep the room clean at all times.

  1. Toilets – You shouldn’t be shocked when you find the toilet of the hostel dirty. Make sure you clean the doorknobs and water taps with the help of disposable wipes. After that, throw the wipes inside the dustbins. When it comes to cleaning the mirror, apply a spray and use a reusable cloth to give it a shiny look.
  2. Kitchen – If you’re in the mood to cook a meal, then you can do so inside the kitchen of the hostel. However, there are times where you will find dirty utensils such as frying pans, chopping boards, plates, spoons, etc. lying inside the sink. Make sure that you clean all the utensils after using them. If someone sees you cleaning, they too will follow the same gesture.
  3. Extra-bit – When it comes to extra; ensure that you and your roommates are ready to do the cleaning. For instance; you can always play soft music to let others know that the cleaning process is going on. Moreover, never leave half-empty work behind.

If you follow these tips when it comes to cleaning, then you are bound to have a great staying experience inside some of the best Krabi hostels.