Yoga Tips for Good practice

We all love yoga. There is always something new to discover about exercise or your own body. It is a process that allows continuous learning, practice, and appreciation.

We ask our yoga friends to share the most valuable tips, suggestions, or lessons they have learned from this practice. You can also join Yog Classes in Penrith for yoga. So here are some tips for good yoga practice.

  • If you want to feel the benefits of yoga and make progress, you are in it for the long term. Staying committed to your practice and reminding yourself to do it – even spending 5 minutes on the mat is better than nothing. Consistency will always pay off, so remember that just as Rome wasn't built in a day, your handstand won't appear overnight! This will require consistent effort and hard work but in the end, everything will be in vain.
  • Be nice to yourself mentally and physically. It's all too easy to feel frustrated with your practice or blame yourself for unrealistic expectations you may have had. It is important to practice self-love with your yoga practice, not only will it make you feel better, but it is a much better energy to project into the world than frustration and anxiety. To be kind to one's body is to respect one's limits and to take the time to appreciate the progress made.
  • Allow your breathing to guide your practice. Anytime you feel self-judgment creeping in, or you start to struggle in a posture, Just Breathe. In and out through the nose, and allow any tension or negativity to float away. Your breathing is your most powerful tool – use it.
  • Everything revolves around the journey. The only way to master new poses is to overcome fear and try something new. Your yoga journey may not be linear, but it is important to continue to observe yourself and especially to enjoy the trip. The benefits of yoga are endless, be patient, have fun and never give up on your practice.