Spray Paint Gun: The Basics of DIY Car Painting

Finally, paint your car will wear down and you have to fix it. Unfortunate because the paint job may not last forever. Fortunately, for the modern DIY car painter that we have a variety of tools at our disposal to get back to that shining sparkling finish.

One of these tools you will be familiar is a spray paint gun. You may get it from the best spray store. It can be purchased from auto body or parts store. Although there are many brands to choose from. They are also the most likely to give the car a DIY painter who simply pure we are all after.

There are two sizes of weapons to choose from. A smaller pistol, called the pistol detail, offering a capacity of 6 or 8-ounce cup and for those fine details and crevasses. It is also equipped with a trigger assembly mounted on top.

The price for each weapon start as low as £ 100 (about $ 163-164 depending on the exchange rate), but can be much higher depending on the brand you choose. Remember, higher quality paint gun will give the best results.

There is also air valve attachment that will allow you to fine tune your gun air pressure and achieve a perfect spray pattern. A standard conventional spray paint gun would require a minimum air pressure of 60 psi (and possibly higher).

This amount of pressure would blast the paint on the surface that will generate 65% of the material to escape as overspray. Moreover, this amount of pressure would interfere with dirt and other debris particles, allowing them to fall into the paint.