Elearning Solutions – What is True Learning?

When does true learning come? When does true understanding come? This is of course an issue that any teacher may be faced with. But for elearning solutions, this can be an even trickier problem. I have been to so many seminars and conferences already regarding elearning.

I have also seen and tested many of the elearning tools that are available for use as well as those that have not even been released in the consumer market yet since it is a part of my job. And what I have seen is a lot of systems that simply spoon feed information to the students. It tells them what to do and it tells them how.

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But more often than not, the why and the bigger picture to which these pieces of information belong to have been neglected. And it is definitely endemic. It actually seems to be within the nature of this electronic learning as a whole.

Why is Information Spoon-feeding Endemic in Elearning?

As the term goes, electronic learning has been created in order to create ease and speed in education and learning. Yes, teaching and learning can be separated. One is the act of being taught, and the other is the actual act of absorbing what is taught. Unfortunately as seems to be the case, elearning seems to be only concentrated on the act of teaching.

By using software and computer technology, teachers and corporate trainers can get to teach their students or trainees wherever they may be or in a faster, hassle-free way.