How to Choose an Outdoor Playhouse

For imaginative children, the playhouse can be a great place to play for hours. While they can be child-sized, playhouses have similar features to your own home. They are ideal for children who like to imitate their parents playing around the house.

Sliding windows with privacy screens provide fresh air, while tile and wall options make the children’s playhouse look right at home in your outdoor area. Attach a raised playhouse swing set to your playset for the best space to play!

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How to choose an outdoor playhouse:

Determine Size and space: Perfectly sized toy sets maximize fun without taking up the entire garden – and offer plenty of room to play as your kids grow up. Check out the minimum size guidelines for your particular playset, but consider leaving extra room for running, exercising, and even expanding your playset in the years to come!

Location: You may also need to consider the various free spaces around your playset. Many homeowners associations have guidelines on how close your playset should be:

  • Your home
  • Property lines and fences
  • Scales and other structures
  • Trees and branches
  • Electrical cords and clothing cords
  • Swimming pool and water games

Consider installing your playset around the house for easy parental supervision and, if possible, placing it in a shady corner to avoid harmful sunburn, as well as heat slides and swing chairs. If you are more careful in choosing the installation location, you can maximize the use of your gaming device and help you get the best value for money.