What You Did Not Know About Cakes

In the olden days, bread was the primary source of carbohydrates. With time they were modified to produce a baked sweet food. The enhancement led to the discovery of other ingredients that boosted appearance and taste. Flour and water are the essential ingredients, but one can include sugar, eggs, oil, leavening agent, and added flavors. Cakes in Oakville Canada are mostly served on celebratory occasions like weddings and birthday parties.

Recipes on how to bake various kinds are in plenty. Others are bread-like, rich, and elaborated, while others follow the old century designs. Baking is no longer a complicated affair. Chefs have simplified ways one can follow and simple recipes you can adopt. The emergence of cake cooking equipment has also made the process easily achievable even to amateurs.

The Greeks are the pioneers of baking. They had two types, namely Plakous and Satura. Plakous, derived from the word flat, was baked using flour, milk, eggs, nuts, and honey. On the other hand, Satura was dense but still flat. In the Roman period, the name changed to Placenta. They prepared it on a pastry base or inside its case.

When the Great Depression was in progress, one company patented a mix to counter the food menace experienced by an economically depressed citizen. This brought the emergence of the first line of boxed cake. This prompted the mass production of this delicacy rather than a home-based meal. Other historical development followed making the meal familiar in supermarkets shelves.

Ingredients and the way mixing is done will determine the category this delicacy falls under. The ones that contain butter cream, eggs, flour and sugar are called butter cakes. The sugar and butter in this type is beaten for a prolonged period to add air into the butter. Other examples include sponge, Victoria sponge, and angel food, among others. The oldest forms like the yeast are still loved and take the traditional style.

Occasions can also be the determiner of the type one should bake. Wedding ceremonies need big ones since they will be shared among many people. The color also symbolizes the meaning of the union. There are also others cooked in Halloween, birthdays and Christmas as well. Other types may be associated with particular gatherings or festivals. It is upon one to choose the type needed.

The physical form of the pastry can be used to describe what type it is. Small ones are intended for small groups or even an individual. Bigger ones are made to be sliced later as a meal course in social functions. Other like the Swiss roll can be sold in restaurant and food parlors in the streets. If baked like balls, the type changes.

After the baking process is completed, one can opt to cover using icing or add toppings like sprinkles. Powdered sugar is used to make icing sugar. Others add cream or milk plus flavors. It is light and can be spread easily. Many home bakers often use butter, margarine, or a combination of the two.