What are the Important Must-Reads for South Asia News Updates?

What's going on in South Asia? What are the hottest news stories you should be reading about this week? While many of these stories might not be directly relevant to your readers, we have curated a list of important news updates to read up on.

If you are interested in detailed updates about South Asian news updates, then you must visit this site. Here are some important news updates in South Asia: 

1. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the United States has been met with a great deal of fanfare, with both countries pledging to deepen their economic and strategic ties.

2. The Afghan Taliban have announced they will begin negotiations with the government in Kabul.

3. Pakistani officials say that they are finalizing plans for a summit between the leaders of India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

4. Bangladeshi authorities have arrested two women who were allegedly planning to conduct a terrorist attack on an airport in Dhaka.

5. Sri Lankan military officials say that they have killed over 100 Tamil Tiger separatists in a series of airstrikes over the past two days.

6. A suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to a Shiite mosque in Yemen, killing four and wounding over twenty others.

7. Chechen rebels killed dozens of policemen in Grozny.

8. The Mexican government confirmed that it is dealing with an outbreak of swine flu at a prison near Monterrey, where 1,000 people are being held.