All you need to know about the KohPhangan Island


KohPhangan is an island in the southern part of Thailand. It's not too difficult to reach as it takes around thirty minutes from Koh Samui Island and three and a half hours away from Surat Thani province by boat or cruise. Traveling by ferries is another option since there is no availability of an airport.

KohPhangan is extremely famous for its full-moon parties that take place every month. The exuberant all night celebration is tied to the lunar calendar. The most revelry centre on Sunrise beach is HaadRin whose beach bungalows attract a ton of backpacker crowd. Many older people skip this island cause of the full moon party so it's a perfect place for the young crowd. There are quieter beaches towards the northern coast including Hat Thian and Hat Khuat.

Other than the parties it's a beautiful island with multiple white sand beaches. It's filled with waterfalls and jungles too. Swimming here is, however, not recommendable as this is a hot spot for jellyfish. If you're really into swimming and diving then Sailrock is a spectacular place with great spots for water-sport activities, and a whole lot more. 

If you wish to enjoy a ride on a bike or moped then you need to be a little careful since the locals happen to drive a little carelessly. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your time here in Thailand regardless of your age. Also, try out our Thailand hostels whilst here for a comfortable and enjoyable accommodation experience.