Feminine Care Products For Ladies

Every woman is responsible for good feminine hygiene. Not only does it leave a good impression on those around you, but it also gives you a sense of security and allows you to move freely.

Fortunately, you no longer have to take care of yourself. Here are some feminine care products that you can use to maintain personal hygiene at all times.

Organic and disposable products for women's care

There are several brands on the market that sell chemical-free women's products. Specially Sanitary pads, much needed in your menstrual days you can buy them online.  Simply, they are all organic, made from materials that are bleached with oxygen and can decompose over time.

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Even though these organic, disposable products are more expensive than regular feminine hygiene products, no consumer has complained about them.

In fact, they're happy to say it's worth the price because they experience less cramping and have to deal with shorter bleeding days. Since these products do not contain chemicals, they will not cause rashes or irritation.

Menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is inserted into a woman's intimate area to catch the fluid that is released during menstruation. The good thing is that this product is small and reusable. Fold it inside the intimate area, near the cervix, then unfold it and leave it in place.

Holds up to 40 to 50 ml of liquid before you need to clean or replace it. However, you should empty the cup every eight to twelve hours to avoid spilling or overflowing.