Important Ways To Choose a Roof Hatch

You may need to improve the functionality of your condo building. There are many options to make your condominium more functional, including adding fire protection systems and automatic sliding doors. You can also update the windows. Another way to improve the functionality of your condominium is to install a roof hatch.

Most building owners have hatches installed, whether they are commercial or residential. This is because it allows them to gain access to their roofs with ease. To ensure that you get the best hatch for your condo, there are a few additional resources you should know.

What is a Roof Hatch and how does it work?

Roof hatches are horizontal doors that cover roof openings. They provide access to ship stairs, interior ladders, or service stairs. The building's interior dimensions will determine the size of the climbing apparatus. To reach the hatch, you can use a service stairway or ladder if the space is limited. If you have a higher ceiling than you need but don't want to install an interior ladder you can opt for a ship stair.

Choose Between Equipment and Personnel Hatches

You can have at least two different hatch options for your condominium building. The one for personnel is the equipment hatch. The only difference is that the personnel hatch cannot accommodate an average-sized person. You will eventually need to transport large or heavy equipment through the personnel hatch.

This is the best time to put in an equipment roof access hatch. It's large enough to allow any component or building system to pass through. It is essential for any HVAC or duct system that you add to your condominium building. Technicians often place these parts on the roof.