How To Protect Your Home From Dry Wood Termites

Pests and termites can invade any home in any area. Some are more common in warmer areas while some exist in wet, humid regions. Drywood termite is a type of termite that only needs a small amount of moisture to become infected and is found in dry wood.

These form colonies in wood and can cause significant damage. Drywood termite control is a job that is best done by a professional pest control company rather than homeowners themselves. This is because fumigation requires hazardous chemicals that only professionals can handle.

How To Protect Your Home From Dry Wood Termites

Its presence can be determined from fecal pellets accumulating outside of the wood. Drywood termites attack dry wood, dead branches, support posts, and furniture. They live above ground and do not form nests on the ground.

The cost of removing termites from dry wood is higher than the cost of preventive measures. So it is best to make sure that these pests do not invade your home. And if they are, they should be identified early to avoid further damage.

Regular termite control inspections by pest control professionals are one way to keep your home safe from termite infestation. Watch for signs of termite infestation. This can be difficult due to dry wood termite colonies on infected wood.

The accumulation of fecal pellets under the infected area is one way to detect the presence of drywood termites. Because they are difficult to identify, significant damage may have occurred over a large area before eradication measures.

Drywood termite treatment can be carried out by two popular methods – structural smoking and local or wood spot treatment.