How to Recognize Actual Mil-Spec 550 Paracord

550 paracord may be employed to create shelters and fishing baits. Its internal strands may be split to be utilized as sutures as well as dental floss. Use it to replace a broken shoelace or twice it up to rappel down a cliff. You can use a paracord bracelet jig to make wire jewelry.

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Lately, paracord has increased in popularity among civilian survivalists. To meet this new requirement, many discount providers popped up offering undependable, low-cost cordage, but at a reasonable price.

The huge majority of paracord that's sold online and at brick-and-mortar retailers is a commercial grade, meaning though it can possess a 550-pound weight evaluation, it isn't accepted to be used by our soldiers.

Commercial and Military-grade 550 Paracord:

Military-grade 550 will possess a minimum of 7, tightly-cabled internal strands. Therefore, the cordage will ordinarily be slightly bigger in diameter than the industrial equivalent.

The key differentiating mark of mil-spec paracord is that among those internal strands will be color-coded. This is needed by the army for quality control functions and is unique to each producer.

Military-grade paracord will likewise be produced from high quality, 100 percent nylon. Nylon is weather-resistant and won't rust in moist conditions as with other materials.

Commercial-grade paracord may have three or two internal strands, which might or might not be cabled. Cabled strings create a stronger cord, however, there is no way to confirm that without dissecting the paracord.

An authentic military-spec 550 paracord is more powerful, more lasting, and considerably safer than the commercial standard, which makes it a genuine advantage in an emergency survival situation