Secrets To Make Your Estate Sale Shopping Experience A Success

Buyers in search of treasures at estate sales can be bargain hunters or collectors' dreams. Pro shoppers who have been prowling estate sales for years have all sorts of tactics that help them garner a steal and keep one step ahead of the competition. To get more details about homes for sale you may see it here.

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Here are their secrets to success:

Get on the A-List: The local liquidation companies that are hired to sell the contents of the home typically have a sign-up sheet at the front door or on their websites where you can add your email address to get info on any upcoming sales. 

Don't miss your opportunity to get on these lists because these firms provide lots of valuable upfront info on the sale that will help you research the goods in advance.

Be an Early Bird: So a stampede of folks doesn't race into the home all at once, buyers are asked to line up at the front door and are allowed in a few at a time. Obviously, those that get there early have first dibs on the best stuff. "The most variety is available on the first day," says Mia Vendetta, "and the cheapest stuff is available on the last day. If you don't go on day one, you really are missing out."

Bring the Green! You've only got one chance to be in the house once your place in line comes up, so don't be caught without enough money in your pocket to buy that treasure you might be looking for. Having plenty of cash on hand is critical, as most sales do not accept credit cards or checks.