The Importance of Learning German

German is one of the main languages in the world after English and French. According to estimates, an average of 100 to 120 million people speaks German. 

We can assume that at least 38 countries in the world use German for communication in normal life. Most of the world's speaking Germans are usually in Germany. Learning German in Singapore for German lessons and study german can be beneficial for you in your future.

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The question is why so many people want to learn German. Perhaps the reasons are as follows:

A. People learn German for traveling

As logical as it sounds, Germany is in Eastern Europe and many Europeans go on vacation every year. In addition, major European countries use German as their mother tongue. 

You can learn German at a facility in Berlin or Frankfurt, for example, but the lessons are very simple and focus on culture, basic conversation, presentations, and tips for visiting restaurants, hotels, and more.

B. People learn German from companies

Is it clear that companies around the world have trade relations with Germany or cooperate on research and development? According to a survey, Germany is the third largest industrial country in the world and one of the most important exporters.

People use English as the official business language, but in Germany, the reality is very different. The most important thing in this process is to fully understand the idea and incorporate any concepts needed to commercialize the technology.