All You Need To Know About Kubernetes

Kubernetes is an open-source container platform that enables the operation of an elastic web server framework for cloud applications. Kubernetes can support data center outsourcing to public cloud service providers or can be used for web hosting at scale. 

Website and mobile applications with complex custom code can deploy using Kubernetes on commodity hardware to lower the costs of web server provisioning. You can find the top training centers of Kubernetes via

Kubernetes features the ability to automate web server provisioning according to the level of web traffic in production. Web server hardware can be located in different data centers, on different hardware, or through different hosting providers. 

Kubernetes scales up web servers according to the demand for the software applications, then degrades web server instances during downtimes. Kubernetes also has advanced load balancing capabilities for web traffic routing to web servers in operations.

Kubernetes allows companies to orchestrate containers like EC2 but using open source code. Customers can use Kubernetes for complete data center outsourcing, web/mobile applications, SaaS support, cloud web hosting, or high-performance computing.