Stress Relief and Guided Meditation

You Are Being Nudged

You are being nudged each an every day from your inner guidance, this is what we call guided meditation. Stress relief and guided meditation are when you pay close attention to these nudges, (which are the signs) and you feel the urge to get some downtime. This guided meditation makes you feel more connected because you naturally lead to inner tranquillity. If you have sleep disorders, you can also find best guided sleep meditation program on Awakened Mind App 

If you put the nudges off, Nugdes will be persistent until you really pay attention to it and do something about it. Doing something about this persistence may not only involve meditation but also exercise and eating the right food. A lot of the reasons we feel stressed are because of the lifestyle we live in.

Guidance comes within…

Within you, there is a piece of you waiting and wanting silence. This is a wanting deep within your soul and it is desperately trying to clear your stress and bring you relief. The nudges are wanting and hence are your inner guidance. The mind produces thoughts in your head over and over again and likes to put you astray by putting you to the test during meditation.

The mind is willing you to distraction with feelings like worry, anxiety and fear. Meditation is when the mind quiets, the body relaxes, the muscles loosen, you are guided to silence as your thoughts move through you. Meditating 15 minutes or more per day will bring you stress relief beyond words.