GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Rising financial pressures, global economic downturn and austerity measures have prompted companies to take their operating costs and austerity practices seriously. One area that could lead to greater control and increased cost control, especially for larger businesses, is GPS vehicle tracking.

By using GPS vehicle tracking, tracking the precise location of company vehicles can facilitate efficient resource allocation. You can install fleet maintenance software via for GPS vehicle control captures various vehicle parameters that can be used to set cost-effective delivery routes, distribute workloads economically based on vehicle proximity to work, and analyze driver habits, speed, and travel to use time more efficiently.

Many GPS vehicle tracking systems include live vehicle tracking, reducing response times, and allowing fleet managers to know exactly where their assets are at all times. The GPS vehicle management system allows simultaneous monitoring of multiple assets and provides up-to-date data, enabling fleet managers to react immediately to circumstances. 

Modern GPS vehicle trackers can record a number of parameters such as speed, direction, location and condition. Fleet managers can determine when vehicles are stationary, moving, and entering or leaving a predefined geographic area. 

For example, when a factory machine leaves a construction site or a parked vehicle suddenly moves, the controller can be notified that an unusual situation is occurring. This security feature can warn against theft, but it also helps track stolen vehicles.