Who Should Use Metal Business Cards?

There are so many options for creative and unique business cards. However, just because a good design exists doesn't mean it's a must-have for your industry. Take metal cards for example. Shiny, metallic, and attractive, metallic calling cards are high-end cards that are more expensive than regular paper stock cards or even plastic cards and if you plan to use gold or silver plated cards. So make sure it fits your industry. Even in the right industries, you'll want to wait until you've earned the title of vice president before diving in for a gold-plated card.

First of all, high quality metal business cards are ostentatious and full of arrogance. People using such cards need to be overconfident and confident as gold and silver are precious metals that indicate rarity and value and if you cannot back up your card bragging then you can go for other options. can consider. People working in higher finance and international business consultancy are ideal candidates for Metal Card.

When you deal in multimillion-dollar contracts and billions of dollars in development it helps to have a calling card that matches the company you hire. Those who work on Wall Street and operate hedge funds may also consider a shiny metal card that will let potential clients know that they are dealing with a big shot.

Although most people think of silver and gold when considering metal business cards you can also find stainless steel cards which are ideal for those who have to work outside in adverse conditions and need a durable and strong card that can handle the pressure.

Consultants, construction contractors, and developers for oil rigs spend a lot of time on-site and it is very easy for paper cards to quickly go to waste when used in these environments. A stainless steel business card is more difficult than flashy and if your field involves rough conditions and harsh conditions then a metal business card maybe your best option to make sure people remember you.

Making Your Business Card Memorable With Unforgettable Designs

Imagine going to a convention where thousands of business cards are exchanged among thousands of people. With all this sharing of information, how can you make yourself memorable for your future clients? A great way to be memorable is to have a memorable business card.

The possibilities for a great business card are endless. Unique designs stand out from the crowd and the only limit is your imagination and budget. Here are several ways you can make your calling card unforgettable.

Choose a unique material for your business card

Plastic or metal business cards are not a conventional business card material, but they are not very unusual now either. The trend seems to be that many companies are opting for metal or plastic contact cards so their novelty has already faded.

Edible business cards

Businesses can now make business cards out of edible materials, such as chocolate, sugar cookies, peanuts, and jerky. If you're in the food business, you might want to give away those kinds of cards. But make sure they have a piece of paper attached with your name and contact information if the customer ever decides to eat your tasty contact cards.

Making it functional

Some of the most memorable business card designs are those that serve other purposes than just being a piece of paper to put your name and contact number on. They have practical uses so that whoever receives them does not really want to throw them away. For example, business cards can be punched or folded to become a catapult or penny shooter that can launch small projectiles into the air for office entertainment.

Regardless of how you decide to make your calling card memorable, don't forget that the calling card should represent your business. You don't want to offend your customers or deviate from what your business is all about. With that in mind, you can be sure that your customers will never forget you.