All you need to know about GDNF ELISA kit

GDNF is also known as Glial cell-derived neurotrophic factor is a protein that is found in humans, encoded by the GDNF gene. It is a small protein that is responsible for the survival of many types of neurons in the human brain. It is also responsible to determine spermatogonia in primary spermatocytes. It forms a gradient with SCF which then divides the spermatogonia into two cells.

This gene encodes a highly conserved neurotrophic factor. Its recombined form increases the survival of dopaminergic neurons and was able to prevent the death of moving neurons in the human brain. The cryptic protein processes and forms a secreted form that is called a homodimer. You can buy high-sensitivity GDNF ELISA kits for detecting neurons in the human brain.

gdnf elisa kit

The human GDNF (Human Glial-Derived Neurotrophic Factor) ELISA kit is used to measure Hu GDNF or neurons in human serum, plasma samples. The assay will recognize both natural and recombinant GDNF present in human brains. This is a sandwich ELISA which is designed to measure the degree of the target linked between the pairs of matched antibodies.

Wells of the microplate are pre-coated with the target-specific antibodies. Then, the samples are added into these wells and linked to the immobilized antibody. A solution is added to the mixture that reacts with the enzyme-antibody-target trio to produce a signal. The effect of the signal directly depends on the concentration of the target present in the original sample.

GDNF is a glycosylated homodimer molecule. It has a 100 times more efficient survival rate than the neurotrophins in human brains. It is a neurotrophic factor that increases the survival and releasing of dopamine neurons and increases their high-affinity uptake.