Various Types of First Aid Training

A first aid course will prepare you for almost any emergency. First aid training can save lives, which is perhaps the greatest benefit of this course. It is not a rule that only members of a particular profession should take up first aid course.

Some professionals such as doctors, nurses, lifeguards, and child care workers must be certified first-aid trained. All educational institutions, hospitals, and child care centers should nominate their staff to take a first aid course.

These staff members are often not trained to use the first aid kit in an emergency situation such as drowning or injury. Anyone can learn first aid and become certified if necessary without being a member of a specific profession.

There are many first aid training options available depending on what training is required. These are the types of first-aid courses:

Basic First Aid and Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation can be learned by anyone associated with schools or other social groups.

The Child and Infant First Aid Courses are available for those working in child care centers, babysitting centers staff, or pediatric staff. This training is not the same as first aid training for adults.

Sports Safety First Aid Courses. This course is for those who are involved with physical fitness instructors, sports wings staff, or other adventure sportspeople.